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Emmy - The Ice Skate Cardigan - Cream White

Emmy - The Ice Skate Cardigan - Cream White

En sann emmy-klassiker!
Den varma kabelstickade koftan i merceriserad 100 % ull slutar precis i midjan och passar därmed perfekt till vippiga klänningar och midjehöga byxor. Trots sin korta längd är koftan väldigt varm tack vare att den är stickad i tjockt garn och har hellånga ärmar och snäv halsringning.

Material: Heavy and soft mercerized yarn in cinnamon. 100% wool.

Emmys popular high quality knits are now in even higher quality as they have dropped the low acrylic content from previous seasons and are now proud to say that our winter knits are in 100 % wool.
Wool is warm without leaving you sweaty. It also stays fresh, cutting down on washes. Wool is infamously itchy, but we've solved that issue completely by giving the yarn a mercerized surface that makes it a bit shiny, very soft and gets less pilling. We have also made sure that the garment can be machine washed because we know how time-consuming and costly hand wash and dry cleaning can be.

1450 SEK